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Reader Captures Fleeting Glimpse Of Black Cat/Cougar? At Lafayette Reservoir

To our eye, it looks like a cat of some type. What do you think?

Reader Linda Kornguth was hiking the Lafayette Reservoir recently when she came across this critter, capturing a few short frames before it loped off into the underbrush.

As amateur critter-watchers and this being Friday the 13th and all, we’re going with a cat of some type – but possibly a big cat. Distance and sunlight make him look black, which is in keeping with the day, but confusing as it doesn’t register with us as “mountain lion.”

Any informed input appreciated.


  1. Russian sable…just here for the inauguration. Make nice hats if you can catch them but they are inwisible at night.

  2. Right, Pat, and very cool to have seen them, too. What do you think of the tail profiles between the bobtails and this critter – which we took to be longish and slung low.

  3. The tail is too long to be a bob cat. It doesn’t look like a mountain lion either. When I enlarged the picture and watched the kitty run a few times, it runs like a domestic cat. I think it’s a large domestic cat – maybe a Maine Coon.

  4. I predict there will be a lot more odd sightings now that Ringling Bros. has closed. You don’t really think they have a retirement home for all of those elephants, do you…

  5. I seen this thing yesterday at the resevoir. I caught it on video. I wasn’t sure what it was but I was scared. It did seem like a young cat. But it definitely didn’t look like a house cat. It did appear to have a stub tail from what I can see. How do I submit my video??

  6. The cat in this video (from Linda) doesn’t have a stub tail. There can be more than one cat at the Lafayette Reservoir. I hike there myself, and have seen a cat or two.

  7. Looks like a dog to me. Big cats, or any cat for that matter, have a ckean profile which is very distinctive. This aninal isnt even close to resembling. y’all need to get ur eyes checked

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