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Some Local Storm-Damaged Roads Reopen As Others Develop Issues

So far, so good.

Just as “Plastics” may have been the buzzword of The Graduate’s view of the 60s and “The Economy, Stupid,” may have summed up the 90s – permit us to nominate “Infrastructure” as candidate for watchword of 2017.

If you drive, we don’t have to tell you our roadways are suffering mightily – latest rains and all – and some of our bridges look as if they’re being held up by their own rust alone. Lamorinda now has a matched pair of subsiding sink holes and judging from reports and sightings we’re getting more are likely to open up.

Pinole Creek swelled and undercut a section of Alhambra Valley Road, near Pinole and Richmond, a development first reported here on our Facebook pages.

Downtown Martinez was hard hit and still digging out Wednesday, drivers were detoured all over town and public works and Department of Transportation crews are still at work filling potholes and clearing debris-jammed gutters.

Good news? Our air is very clean… and both Norris Canyon and Crow Canyon roads reopened Thursday after Alameda County public works crews labored to clear them of mudslides and debris.

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