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Danville Residents’ Tips Pay Off With Arrests Of Alleged Porch Raiders


A pair of Vallejo residents are facing charges in connection with a series of package thefts in Danville, Police Chief Steve Simpkins announced Thursday.

Simpkins said Danville had been plagued by a number of thefts during the month of December, with residents providing police with descriptions and video from home security systems of a dark-colored Toyota Tundra they believed was involved in the thefts.

Just before midnight on Tuesday, January 3, a patrol officer noticed a vehicle fitting that description near the intersection of Camino Ramon and Fostoria Way. The officer made contact with a man and woman in the car and conducted an investigation. A search of the vehicle turned up items related to package thefts in Danville and the couple were taken into custody.

Arrested were:
James Garrett, 51, of Vallejo
Jamie Douglas, 36, of Vallejo

Both Garrett and Douglas have been charged with identity theft, conspiracy, false personation, possession of stolen property, petty theft, possession of methamphetamine and possession of drug paraphernalia. Both were transported to the Martinez Detention Facility. A subsequent search of their residence in Vallejo led to the further discovery of evidence related to package thefts in Danville.

Chief Simpkins said he was very happy with the outcome of the investigation and he credited the strong ongoing relationship between police and the community with providing officers with the information necessary to break the case.

“We’re very lucky to have a community that watches out for each other, and works with us to help get criminals off the streets,” he said, “and when partnered with our officers, it’s a tough combination for the bad guys.”

For more information, contact Det. Sgt. Brian Sliger at (925) 314-3703 or bsliger@danville.ca.gov.


  1. They were driving around stealing packages right before midnight? If you’re snorting crank I guess you can go all night. They can steal from the nicer suburbs but a lot of us have cameras. That can identify your vehicle, including license plate numbers.

  2. Pat, the mail in Alamo, Danville, Lafayette, etc is more valuable than mail in Vallejo, Piitsburg, Hayward etc, because the likelihood to have high limit credit cards and bank formation in it.
    Sorry to sound judgemental here, but we really need to report all suspecious looking vehicles and people to the police. Let them check it out. They want to!
    Funny, we are told that profiling is wrong…..But when you see scruffy, tattooed people in beat up cars driving slowly thru a nice area, it often means trouble.. The crooks are taking advantage of our nievness.

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