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“Yarn Bombers” Strike, Gently, In Downtown Walnut Creek

Photo: Christy Lund/Walnut Creek Downtown

Years after a pair of Berkeley artists gently “yarn-bombed” civic fixtures in Lamorinda and environs, a new genre of “knitfitti” has appeared on Locust Street in downtown Walnut Creek – with full city approval.

Serpentine "Yarn Bomb," Orinda.
Serpentine “Yarn Bomb,” Orinda.

Several Walnut Creek residents spent countless hours knitting yards of yarn during weekly gatherings at a local knitting store and came up with a flower-filled garland emblazoned with fish, stars and flowers – gently draping two landmark locust trees.

Additional knitted art works are promised and should pop up around town as the knitters keep creating.


  1. I hope someone doesn’t steal the yarn in Walnut Creek like they did last time it was there. The knitters were pretty upset when it happened.

    • Oh, well, who believes them – they’re a digital news site, no helicopters, anchor people, or weather charts. Hey! That’s us, too. Big shout out to our brother site to the east… But, really, who steals yarn?

  2. OK…I’m going to sound like a grinch here…but the tree decoration seems haphazard to me. It doesn’t add anything. And its going to get all wet and moldy. But I’m sure Dolly Parton would like it. Also, can someone spin me a yarn about how those two landscape trees became landmarks?

    • If you last long enough you become a landmark or, say in our case, a fixture – a curmudgeonly fixture but a fixture nevertheless!

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