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Thieves At Work In Walnut Creek: And They Don’t Seem Particularly Frightened Of Being Caught

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Many of you ask how thieves are able to make off with cars and other items so swiftly – working in the dead of night or even in the light of day – depending upon how brazen some have become.

This video demonstrates pretty well how these crews work, and they don’t seem too bothered by the prospect of getting caught.

Work trucks are particularly prized, not only for the vehicle itself but generally for the tools inside, many of which come with high price tags and which can be quickly resold for cash money with few questions asked.

This crew was caught on video at least while they were at work in the carport area of a Walnut Creek apartment complex recently and, as you can see, it did not take long for them to get inside the target vehicle. The trio appears to have known the truck would be parked there and to have used a set of “shaved” or master keys to get inside, start it up and drive off with it.

The woman with them appears to be looking for other potential victims at one point while her colleagues are at work starting the van.

Police say the van has since been recovered but, as expected, numerous items were missing.

If you have any information regarding the identity of the suspects, contact Detective Vevera at 925-943-5875 or vevera@walnutcreekpd.com.


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