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Tuesday Tidbits: Preparing For Turkey Day


Things generally tend to wind down around this time as folks scurry to get in that last-minute shopping and schedule airport runs to pick up Aunt Minnie and Unca Earle from Austin or parts of the country even further afield.

But not for us. Nossir. Our email inbox continues to fill up with news tips and videos and “what’s that helicopter doing over my house?” questions from the neighborhoods.

Out early for coffee this morning we prodded baristas, tow truck operators and cops for the news of the day, listening as tales welled up about the daily grind here in The 24/680.

A search effort for a (briefly) missing 11-year-old in San Ramon ended well earlier this morning when Junior tired of torturing his parents and surrendered peacefully to authorities. We mentioned last week that we have a standing order in effect: No Turkey Day Tragedies this year, but we’ve already appeared to have broken that edict after yesterday’s crash on Windemere Parkway – again in San Ramon. One arrested, one critical.

We noted that you all noted our admonition about watching out for scurrying shoppers and distracted drivers in store parking lots yesterday, with shoppers laden with goodies getting hip-checked and sent sprawling by SUVs and other wheeled contraptions as driver continued Facetiming their BFFs without a care. We also noted your kind commentary when CBS News ended up doing a story about that very thing on their nightly broadcast. Apparently our check is in the mail.

Not being teetotalers here at NEWS24/680 and preferring to take a forgiving stance with those who imbibe from time to time (as long as you don’t hurt anyone) we stand amazed at how some of you remain committed to the grape and the grain – apparently willing to indulge in those spirits at all hours. And while operating cars and trucks on our roadways.

Police are taking a lot of these folks in but it appears the mobile-mendicants outnumber the police as all kinds of unusual driving techniques are being reported prior to Thanksgiving – tempting the fates.

We’d mention the local political scene here but don’t want to get beaten up so early in the morning so we’ll save all that for a later date, look forward to a happy Holiday with friends and family, and carry on muckraking after the tryptophan rush wore off and everyone was in the mood again.

Have a great Thanksgiving, everyone! We’ll be around… check in when you can.


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