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Lafayette PD Investigating Ameno Drive Burglary; Stress Homeowners Take Precautions Over The Holidays

Burglars chose a simple but effective method to enter a home in Lafayette recently. Photo: LPD/File

Police in Lafayette responded to a home in the 3200 block of Ameno Drive Thursday after the owner reported finding the residence had been broken into and ransacked upon upon their return.

The homeowner told police they left the home at 8:50 a.m. and returned to find they had been burglarized at 2:50 p.m., the thieves utilizing the now-favored method of entering the residence through a read door.

Investigators said several items of jewelry and other items were taken. Although evidence was collected they hope will lead them to the thief or thieves police are also hoping anyone with home surveillance systems in the area will check for signs of anything suspicious during the reported time frame.

Please notify Lafayette PD with any pertinent information about strangers, previously unseen cars or trucks and remember that the department will perform routine checks of your residence if you ask them while you are away this Holiday Season.

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  1. I have a neighbor who travels regularly. He has the police check his home while he’s away. I can say that I do witness the police checking his home as requested. So, this is a great service that the police offer for free and they do complete them.

  2. Never ever put a food bowl for a Lab down on the other side of a clean window or French door. Learned that lesson the hard way.

  3. The police have a camera set up on that street and take pictures of everyone going up the street. They have a picture, but will they do the investigation work required to single them out?

    • Howdy, John… thanks for writing. They haven’t seemed shy about investigating/arresting past offenders… but manhunting can be harder than they make it seem on NCIS Miami! We shall see.

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