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Acalanes High School Kids On The March, Rally Off Campus Monday Morning


A group of about 80 Acalanes High School students have left their campus and are making their way along Camino Diablo in Lafayette for a brief rally near the El Curtola overpass later this morning.

Locals who spotted the gathering and kindly informed this site say the group is marching peacefully, but making their sentiments known.

Both police and school officials are aware of the move. UPDATE: The students were reportedly back on their way to their campus by 11:10 a.m. No problems have been reported.



  1. Miramonte students and now Acalanes. Did Campo students march too? I’m curious if they’d be willing to protest on their own time, or are they following the crowd and getting out of class for a few hours?

    • Morning, Danielle… don’t know if you follow us on Facebook (recommended) but we did a short story there soon after the Lafayette students left their campus when approximately 50 Campo kids also felt the need to express their views and briefly went missing. We subsequently learned the 50 stayed closer to home, remaining on campus for the most part…

  2. I support their right to peacefully protest OUTSIDE OF NORMAL SCHOOL HOURS. Before school or around 6pm would seem to be prime hours for an overpass protest….

  3. Have to agree with Chris. Haven’t heard about many students protesting during after school hours or willing to put their part time job on the line.

  4. I’m not saying I agree with the walkout, but it is done during school hours to maximize media attention. Which seems to have worked. If they had met on El Cortola before or after school it might get a nod here or there but that’s it. The media loves to cover high school walkouts especially when there has been violence at some of them.

    • Damn Media. Snobs and effites, all of them, we say… Anyhoo, not to pop your balloon, but we first got wind of this when our switchboards (email box) started lighting up with “Hey, there are 6 zillion high school kids (80 kids) walking past my house… what’s going on?” So, yep, we mentioned it. Guilty. And we would again, had we gotten similar inquiries. As for your statement that we, if you include us in “media,” love to cover high school walkouts we would argue that point with you – though certainly they do become newsworthy if marchers, kids, etc. walk onto a campus and reportedly assault teachers. Do we love to cover that? Not really… but we will if it happens.

  5. Morning News24/680… I do follow you on Facebook and Twitter (a few times a week) and read this site daily (since the beginning).

    My husband and I have been following you (including your book) since you wrote about the closing of Catholic churches in SF while working for the Examiner in the 80s.

    That’s a long time!

    • That IS a long time and we cannot tell you what it means to us to have you with us, Danielle. Jeepers. Anyone have a tissue? We seem to have something lodged in our eye…

  6. 24/680…Hey, I came here for info on the walkout as well and I very much appreciate you guys being on top of it. I’m just making the point that a “walkout” might get you on the news while “let’s meet at El Curtola at 6pm” will likely get you…not on the news.

    • Roger that… we’re just mindful of those “mainstream media” cracks these days! Thanks for coming back at us…

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