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Student Protests Take Violent Turn At College Park High School In Pleasant Hill Thursday


As readers were quick to point out to this site soon after it happened, two teachers at College Park High School in Pleasant Hill bore the brunt of roiling student anger over the presidential election Thursday – tussling with elements of a group of about 200 students who had marched onto campus in an apparent effort to elicit the support of their peers.

Witnesses said the students, who appeared to be from several different high schools in Walnut Creek and Concord, were largely peaceful upon arrival, chanting slogans and banging on lockers until two teachers moved to stop the disruption of campus routine.

Police said one teacher was punched and shoved after being confronted by two or more young marchers, who allegedly turned on a second teacher who ran to his colleague’s aid. Video of the incident made its way to area news stations.

Pleasant Hill police are reviewing video from “various sources” in an effort to identify and possibly apprehend the assailants.

Both teachers declined treatment of injuries described as “cuts and scrapes.”


  1. I’m confused. They walked from Concord & Walnut Creek to Pleasant Hill? I need a nap after walking around the Lafayette Reservoir. No way I could rumble with somebody after that long of a walk. Give me a pillow at that point, not a fist fight.

  2. They did walk from Concord and Walnut Creek to College Park in PH. And I got stuck in the mess on Contra Costa Blvd. That’s what I get for taking a four day weekend. I got from Orinda to PH faster than I got 1-2 blocks on CC Blvd. There were a lot of police, but I didn’t like being stuck and surrounded by a lot of angry kids. Get me out of here!

  3. @Danielle – Thanks for letting me know they really did walk. I’m tired just thinking about such a walk. I guess young folks can do that stuff. Not me. I’d rather walk the reservoir and then nap for 2 hours.

  4. PT Barnum as President is NOT business as usual! Peaceful dissent must be as persistent as it is powerful and disruptive. This cannot stand. President-elect Donald J. Trump received FEWER votes than his opponent in a purported “democracy”. Together the 2 main party candidates for President received about 50% of the vote of eligible voters. What kind of democracy is that? A democracy that is dying? A faux democracy where the rich and powerful literally own the media and international capital? A faux democracy where corporations with other people’s money have citizenship. Wow! This is way worse than 8 years of W. There is no way to calculate the number of mirrors in the new Trump House. It will be fabulous; it will be incredible, believe me!

  5. Research all the reasons why the Western Roman Empire fell, and it looks like a checklist for American Democracy. I believe it’s dying on the vine, and the outcome Tuesday pushed it beyond repair. Today’s Nationalism is yesterday’s patriotism, gone awry. It breeds just about everything that is happening, especially in terms of efforts to purify the country to be mostly white, vastly uneducated, and ‘christian’, whatever that is these days.

    Those who voted Trump actually voted for a cabinet/administration of extremists — who’ll deliver on promises, all right. The short and long-term repercussions remain unknown for now, but Trump’s voters, from those I’ve met over the years, lack the intellect and/or insight to understand the possible outcomes, which will of course affect them first and dramatically.

    The coast of California is an island. An island in the middle of a sea of prejudice. Don’t ever forget that.

    • Sure, it was just a pretty nice island to be on at that time and place! People there realize their politics usually stop at the county line – but they were the Americans we talked with first when we came down out of the hills! Except for the chopper driver with the Sat phone…

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