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Moraga Town Council Recommendation: The East Bay Times Is Out Of Touch, But Then, What Else Is ‘News?’



The Town of Moraga is losing battles to retain its semi-rural character and quality of life. The upcoming Town Council election will determine Moraga’s future.

Kymberleigh Korpus has shown leadership and an unrelenting dedication to Moraga’s core values and principles. As my colleague on the Planning Commission, I regularly see her carefully examine the facts, listen to and challenge opinions, and actively engage the public. She is diligent, asks tough questions from all sides of the issues, skillfully identifies important issues, and gives clear reasons for her decisions. As a Town Councilwoman, she will help ensure the town adheres to its policies and procedures.  She will do so with transparency and accountability (e.g. Key Performance Indicator metrics), while encouraging a more open participatory process.

Roger Wykle will bring his calm, capable and creative analytical skills to enable the new solid majority in the Town Council to ensure Moraga’s bright future.

Thus, as a private citizen, I urge you to vote for Korpus and Wykle for Moraga town Council.

Ferenc Kovac/Moraga Planning Commissioner


  1. As a former resident I would hate to see Moraga lose it’s semi-rural character. Hoping for the best outcome in this election and glad to know that, at least locally, we have acceptable choices.

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