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Burners Gathering For Pre-Playa Planner Nov. 18


Date(s) – 11/18/2016
7:00 pm – 9:30 pm

1960 Mandela Parkway, Oakland, CA


East Bay Burners are a group of Burning Man devotees who all live around the East Bay and get together monthly to talk, exchange ideas, teach, learn and have fun.

The East Bay Burner Social takes place monthly in the run-up to the festival and features a different speaker or topic of discussion each time. The group is a great way to meet new Playa friends, or if you’re a beginner, to figure out what Burning Man is all about.

The East Bay Burner Socials are family friendly (kids welcome) wheelchair accessible, and to facilitate discourse, don’t have loud music.


    • It does, doesn’t it? Have you ever been? Apparently there are a lot of “Burners” on this side of the hill.

  1. On my bucket list. I may drop by. It will help get rid of my conservative reputation and impress my too cool kids.

    • We can see you rocking the Beyond Thunderdome leg warmers, leather vest, Viking helmet and desert goggles! Just send pictures…

  2. Back in 2000, my buddies and I decided to head to Burning Man. In my heater-less ’73 VW Thing that was missing a window. From Lowell, Massachusetts. In March.

    We made it to Chicago, crashing with a friend for a few nights. It was then he informed us Burning Man wasn’t until late August. We were amused, partied in Chicago a few more nights, and drove back home with a story I’ll never forget.

    Life without an internet connection was always more interesting, in retrospect.

    • Good one. We have a similar tale, albeit in another direction. A VeeDub was also involved… good times.

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