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Fight Between Sophomore Girls Raises Eyebrows At Miramonte Thursday

Thursday's physical altercation between two female students at Miramonte High looked nothing like this. Photo: File

A fight between at least two sophomore girls on the football field at Miramonte High School Thursday afternoon has led to student suspensions and promises of an investigation by school administrators and Orinda police.

A video of the altercation made available to KTVU Channel 2 depicted highly vocalized accusations and counter accusations as at least two female students clustered and scuffled while others stood by – documenting the incident on their handheld devices.

The incident was further compounded by the purported presence of the mother of one of the girls involved – there, some students told KTVU, to stop the fight.

Thursday’s scuffle comes on the heels of another incident at neighboring Campolindo High School in Moraga in which someone apparently used an excavator on campus for some construction work to adroitly take out school security cameras and inflict an estimated $10,000 to $15,000 in damage to school buildings.


  1. We used to go to duke city all the time at school back in the day. We’d go home and tell mom and dad we fell off the jungle gym. We never thought twice about it. Now the police and a news crew comes out. Times have changed.

  2. So one of the kids or one their parents sent the video in to teevee and it happened to be in Orinda so it becomes something. No wonder I don’t watch teevee any more.

  3. According to the news report this happened at 3:15 PM. Nobody on staff noticed a crowd forming on the football field?

  4. It was right after track and football practice, so it was not weird that there were a lot of people on the field.

  5. Watching all those kids standing around filming I have to wonder what would’ve happened if we had mobile phones at the Kennedy assassination.

  6. I wasn’t sure about the girls but had fights growing up all the time until I started to realize that everyone was getting bigger and I quit growing. I was a lot more careful after that. The difference that is scary to me is the crowds these days. My fights and friends fights were more or less were with other friends or people I knew growing up. It was pretty much kept clean and short once we got a chance for each of us to make our point across. More importantly it did not involve crowds as this nonsense. These days my biggest fear would be for my son getting jumped by a group and no one stops once he is on the ground or no one helps in the crowd making videos once someone is fending for their live.
    School officials, coaches and or a parent not responding to a crowd is not good thiing That is my concern as a parent these days.

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