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Walnut Creek “Purse Dippers” Identified

Crystal Pratt, left, and Eva Coleman. Photos: WCPD

Exactly when they were identified remains open to debate, apparently, but investigators in Walnut Creek have formally named two women they say have been lifting wallets from unsuspecting diners at various downtown restaurants for the past several months.

Police posted photos of the women at work in their city back in August, asking for public assistance in identifying the pair. Investigators said that as a result of that posting, the thieves were identified as Oakland resident Crystal Pratt and Oxnard resident Eva Coleman.

Although police maintain that the thieves were identified as a result of the August posting, Claycord.com – an associate site of NEWS24/680 – has confirmed that Pratt’s name was provided to police by readers of that site some 20 months ago, in February of 2015.

Pratt currently has a $285,000.00 arrest warrant for six counts of burglary, three counts of identity theft, and four counts of credit card fraud. Coleman has a $195,000.00 arrest warrant for four counts of burglary, two counts of identity theft and three counts of credit card fraud.

Investigators have not been able to locate either suspect. A probation search on Pratt’s residence in Oakland earlier this month resulted in additional stolen property being located (credit cards stolen from restaurants) that will likely result in future criminal charges, according to police.

Anyone with knowledge of either subject’s current whereabouts is encouraged to contact Walnut Creek Police at 925.935.6400.


  1. What does the amount associated with the arrest warrant represent? Is that a bond amount when captured? or something completely different?

  2. Whether it is a purse snatcher, a celebrity shoplifter, or a serial murderer, never turn your back on the one who is smiling for the mug shot.

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