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Out And About In The 24/680 – Roundabouts, Lease-Busters, And Wrong-Way Drivers

Lawn signs sprouting up all over... Photo: City of Lafayette

We were going to send Trixie and the NEWS24/680 Sopwith up for a look-see around our valleys this morning but we scrapped those plans in favor of a walk around our turf just to see who’s up and about and what’s happening.

Foodies should be happy with an ongoing ebb and flow of new restaurants and cuisines into the area, new businesses moving into shuttered ones and different approaches coming to the area. We’ve pressed our noses up against the glass and see some interesting things on the horizon. We’ll write about them in the days to come.

County Cousins over in Point Richmond are reeling from a morning homicide in their area, with a local school just being released from lockdown after things went horribly wrong this morning. We have to say, there have been some odd occurrences on the radar lately, with the death of John Nejedly in New Orleans, a pretty heavy assault case in San Ramon, and other local shenanigans. A San Ramon Valley Fire crew watched in amazement as a motorist made his or her way along southbound Interstate 680 last night – in the wrong direction.

We hunched our shoulders and waited for the sound of a grinding collision or smoke plume but it didn’t come so, evidently, Wrong Way Corrigan had the Gods with him or her last night.

In case you haven’t heard we’re in an election year… no, really… and those lawn signs you see posted every few feet or so aren’t bearing the old Burma Shave ad slogans. We’re hearing from folks concerned about midnight electioneering and sign removal, and from one voter who said supporters of one cause have taken to marking their signs to prevent unauthorized removal. Everyone we’re talking with says everyone has sworn to play nice and to allow the signs to litter the landscape except where they might inhibit sight lines for motorists.

So far, we haven’t gotten any grainy footage of otherwise reputable folks in hoodies skulking about collecting the signs of rivals or opposing ideas so most political rancor these days appears confined to the presidential debates. The less said about those, the better.

Our Prediction: For better or worse and for whatever it may mean to you the nation will see its first woman president elected in November – and by a wide margin.

Those trendsetters in Lafayette are making news again, with the police department throwing a lease-buster of a party that resulted in getting them – and other city offices – ejected from Desco Plaza on Mt. Diablo Boulevard, their home since 1991.

Actually, the department has merely grown up and has more vehicles coming and going and a need for parking than the landlord and neighboring tenants at Desco can live with comfortably. They require a roomy 10,000 square feet and parking for 60 and no doubt will be relocating to other digs but, no, we don’t think they’ll be coming to Moraga – where a number of suitable buildings sit empty and beckon. There’s talk of putting Lafayette’s Finest in temporary trailers in various locations around town.

If they could move into one of Moraga’s vacants, equip it with a burrito drive-thru for both hungry officers and locals jonesing for a meat or veggie log with guac and salsa we could declare victory and call it a two-fer, right?

Stay tuned.

And look for the roundabout at Olympic Boulevard and Pleasant Hill Road to become operational tomorrow, Wednesday. ‘Merican drivers have so far been able to fairly safely negotiate through the area, but we’ll all have to adjust to thinking in an anti-clockwise (sometimes our inner Brit comes out) fashion from now on.

The traditionally configured lanes approaching the intersection will be shifted, and traffic will drive through the intersection in a counterclockwise direction just like they do in Old Blighty. There’s a spiffy how-to video available for those in need of a primer, and pedestrians must make do until crosswalks are added and striping work completed.

The long and short of it? Look left, mind the gap, God Save the Queen and Drive with your Head on a Swivel through there until everyone gets used to it. There are more of them coming, too. Would it be too much to ask for a traditional English-style pub in which to soothe our jangled nerves after our inaugural trip through the roundabout – a place for a Shepherd’s Pie and a pint?

Just spitballing. Angling for everything we can get. Everyone stay dry out there…


  1. I have a hard enough time driving on interstate 680 with traffic going at all the same direction! I can’t imagine driving the wrong way out there.

  2. Kind of an interesting idea bringing Lafayette PD in the Moraga. I guess the question would be access, if they would be able to get there people into Lafayette when they need to as traffic between towns is sometimes all balled up.

  3. In the twilight news: David Duke, formerly a leader of the grand ol’ KKK party, has qualified with 5.1% in polls for the debate stage for a US Senate seat contest in the Pelican state…the debate to be conducted at…wait for it…Dillard, a historically black college.

  4. In the twilight news: The heavily-armed Bundy children who occupied a federal facility and threatened bloodshed were found “naaawwwttt giiilllteee” by a jury of their peers, way, way, way outside of Portlandia, in the Oregon Badlands.

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