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Roving Rabbis Go Mobile – We’re Gonna Get You, Sukkot!

The "Sukkah-Mobile" rolls by BART.

An East Coast rabbi is putting a modern spin on an ancient religious celebration and bringing Sukkot – commemoration of a time when the Jewish people wandered the desert after their exile from Egypt – to Lamorinda Jews who may not have time or space to build the sukkah, or wooden shed, needed to celebrate.

During Sukkot, Rabbi Israel Labkowski tells us, Jews traditionally build temporary wooden structures outside called sukkahs, which signify the huts their ancestors lived in during their time in the desert. As part of the holiday, people are required to eat in the Sukkah.sukkotorinda

But for many people, especially in the East Bay according to Rabbi Labkowski, building a sukkah is not always feasible – and “that’s where the Sukkah Mobile comes in.”

The Sukkah Mobile is a pick-up truck with a wooden hut in the vehicle’s bed. The sides read “Welcome to the Sukkah Mobile, Chabad of LaMorinda wishes you a happy Sukkot” and, staffed with young men and boys, the Sukkah Mobile offers “A Sukkah on the spot for people on on the go..”

It’s a place for people to eat and pray during Sukkot.

So far the rabbis and volunteers have stopped at the BART station, various local businesses, and “dozens of private homes.” As with most forward-thinking enterprises these days, there’s a social media aspect to the outreach, with pictures of celebrants posting on their Facebook page.

Rabbi Labkowski invites all to visit them at Chabad of Lamorinda to shake the Lulav and Etrog or call to schedule them for a visit to your home or office, at 925-384-7242 or email info@chabadoflamorinda.com


  1. Now that’s awesome! They are like seriously driving around Orinda with that hut for the holiday with lively music.. it really made my day yesterday!

  2. Never heard about this holiday before, is it like a continuous holiday from ‘Rosh Hashanah’ or is it something new?

  3. Reminds me of the song “Young folks old folks everybody come, come to our Jewish home & have a lot of fun kiss the Mezuzah hanging on the door & learn about the Torah like you have never heard before..!” Cute old song from my childhood..

  4. The words “ancient” and “exile from Egypt” did catch my attention. Sorry, I don’t think travelling 3,000 miles and a couple of millenia to proselytize for an authoritarian, paternalistic belief system is commendable. I think it is presumptive and provocative. There is already a Jewish community here. Sure, let the travelers proselytize. It’s not prohibited, but I don’t think the local Jewish community is in need of whatever is in that U-haul to fulfill their needs or religious duties.
    There are so many other places to apply that youthful zeal than affluent Lamorinda! Try bringing clean water to Flint MI or medical services to the deep South, for example. Apply that zeal to something hard, not something easy, not something that earns quick praise! Sorry, I do not respect your mission. “Sorry” is wrong. I do not respect your mission.

  5. Really weird.. I Met guys this past passover season on the street in Lafayette which in the description seems like this Rabbi, they approached me and then they gave me Matzoh for the holiday! when I asked them how much it cost they told me FREE of CHARGE!!?? I’m like <>?? They said YES with a smile it’s for U! For the holiday, Enjoy! I could not believe that ! They are going around just to have another jew enjoy is holiday and celebrate it right.. usually I dont like these types of things of guys trying to get you.. but I got to tell you I really respect thelse guys!

    It is so nice to see such beautiful acts of kindness in our community!

    Keep it goin!

    Thank u!

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