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Trixie Goodheart Takes To The Skies Tuesday For A Bird’s-Eye View Of The 24/680

"Trixie." She promises not to Loop The Loop over the 24/680 Split ever again...

Morning, everybody! It’s me again, Trixie, your news aviatrix at the stick of the NEWS24/680 Sopwith and flying over our the little slice of heaven we all call home with a thermos of hot coffee pressed between my knees and those flirty pilots from Alaska Airlines leaving love notes on my wireless.

Those AA boys, sailing along in their pressurized cabins at 11,000 feet, flight crew bringing them coffee and breakfast of all things while I play tag with the seagulls and steer clear of Southwest’s Boeing 737, making the morning run from SFO to Boise – fun but… handsy when they’re on the ground.

Low cloud cover up here this morning, gang, obscuring much of Moraga and some of Lafayette, with Old Man Sol breaking through in other parts of the valley and making for absolutely glorious flying – chilly, but unlimited visibility to the south and east.

There appears to be a jam of some type at Reliez Station and Andreasen in Lafayette and, oh dear, yes, it may have something to do with that great big truck stalled down there.

Traffic on the freeways is heavy but moving along just fine, I’m not seeing any smoke rising that shouldn’t be there and, oh!, there goes that CalStar helicopter crew in their fancy Eurocopter, just over Moraga right now and pushing south. Good flyers, those whirlybird drivers, even if they do leave the Sopwith in their rotor wash from time to time – 130 knots is just a little fast for my Old Rattletrap.

Moving east over Walnut Creek and there’s one of those glorious moments us open-cockpit types get from time to time, a gap in the air traffic where we break out of the clouds and realize we have the whole airspace to ourselves – not a copter or Jumbo Jet in sight, a nifty looking Beech D55 maneuvering off to my north. But right now, the sky is mine. Perfect.

Let’s see, what to talk about while I have you’all… politics? No, that won’t do… hmm, kicked the flying boots off and watched a little television on the HBO back at mi casa the other night. That Issae Rae was funny in Insecure and I horse laughed my way through Divorce starring people with three names – Sarah Jessica Parker and Thomas Haden Church. Very funny, and their relationship reminded me of myself and Antonio – my Argentinian polo-playing part-time companion and full-time weasel.

That Thomas Haden Church isn’t too hard on the eyes, though and… whoops, folks, just had a little accident develop right underneath us here at Mt. Diablo and Pleasant Hill Road in Lafayette (9:55 a.m.)… police there and people slowing down to have a look.

We’re going to wing over and slide the Sopwith home, see what the gang back in the hangar are doing before we go home to make Antonio take us out to lunch. He’s good at looking swell, that Antonio, but it’s time to put him to work!

That’s it for now, 24/680 People. Remember, if you hear an old airplane engine overhead, low and slow, it’s probably me. Don’t forget to wave and if I see you I’ll give you a wing waggle. This is Trixie, your NEWS24/680 aviatrix, signing off!


  1. Hey, Tricia, she doesn’t have three names but Molly Shannon KILLED it on Divorce. She had some of the best lines and her impression of the Chardonnay sucking soon to be divorcée was on the money. Looking forward to the next one. Westworld has also been good and I have no idea where they are headed with that one. Happy landings!

  2. Hello, boys, and thanks for writing! At the aerodrome jaw jacking with the grease monkeys who keep me in the air and thawing out after the morning flight! Molly WAS very funny, Michael you are right and I got a kick out of the show. Antonio didn’t like it much, though, the old stick in the mud. And, yep, it did look like a dream commute, Chris… even though things always look better from where I sit!

  3. It’s the only way to fly, David! Besides, this crate they have me in barely gets above stalling speed on its best day!

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