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The Morning Stretch – Feel The (Plutonium?) Burn


We got up earlier than usual today to get a Sunrise Stretch in and that felt really good but, of course, all kinds of crashes and stuff started breaking – up to an including some sort of radioactive leak/exposure on Tabora Drive in Antioch. The Twin Creeks apartments, 1111 James Donlon Blvd., are being evacuated as we speak (9:25 a.m.).

Thanks to our pals at East County Today for the vid and we’re keeping an eye on this one (evacuation order lifted at 11:30 a.m.) while planning our escape route to the sea but, man, can we get any crazier than it has been lately and still be California? Apparently a quantity of Cesium 138 was located at a construction site and first responders were being cautious.

Malevolent Clowns. Blimp sightings. Strange driving maneuvers and crashes. Kids prowling the neighborhoods with very real looking assault rifles and masks. Reports of threats (and in at least one case) gunfire directed at a local police station.

An unattended briefcase left in a restroom at Walnut Creek BART ended up closing the station last night as police cordoned the area off and moved in for a look.

What’s going on? We’re reporting it as it comes in but we wish we knew what was behind it. Election Year hijinks? Some form of mass hysteria? Toxic Latte Bloom?

Stick with us, until it’s time to grab the Go Bag and head for the hills!


    • That’s what we’re guessing, Bob… we must have been out sick the day they covered Cesium’s place on the Periodic Table in high school chemistry…

    • We can’t speak definitively, Casey, not being surveyors ourselves but we believe some radioactive elements are used in some types of surveying gear. We’re just not sure if this isotope is among the type used.

    • We had a couple of inquiries from the Richmond area about an airship of some type losing altitude and descending rapidly. It wasn’t described as a crash.

  1. Please clown sightings are a college pranks that has evolved into some form of mass hysteria probably fostered by coverage in the news media.

  2. Someone is going to get tired of these fools jumping in and out of the bushes at people and is going to hand them their lunch. And when that happens someone’s mommy and daddy are going to be really upset.

  3. Some years ago “spent” nuclear waste from medical equipment was picked up by recyclers in Mexico and mixed in with other scrap metals to make patio furniture. I don’t remember how that was detected afterward but the mere thought of that will give you the willies.

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