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Picket Lines As Theatre – No Longer Just “What Do We Want? Contract!”


County Social Workers have been walking the picket line in Martinez this past week. We couldn’t help but notice how far union actions have come since the days one person bawled a selection of tinny slogans into a bullhorn while picketers marched around them in a tight circle, signs held high.rat3

Today, apparently, union members use props to draw attention to their cause. Workers waging an unfair labor practices action for another day in Martinez Wednesday brought a giant, inflatable rat along with them (taping the name of an unfortunate county administrator to its breast) and even had a “flash mob”-type dance number lined up to keep things moving and entertaining.

We take no sides in this battle, of course, but offer our sympathies to the county guy whose name was pinned to the blow-up rodent – having been hanged in effigy a few times ourselves – while at the same time extending our congratulations to picketers who took their action to the next level and at least made it entertaining.

Today should be the last day workers walk the line. We think. And, no, Chuck E. Cheese isn’t missing a mascot rat, far as we know.



  1. Hey if they are done with that thing could I borrow it for Halloween? It would scare the crap out of the kids in our neighborhood.

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