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Walnut Creek Police Officers Assist Martinez Man After Mobile Medical Event, Crash Thursday


A 61-year-old Martinez man is reportedly recuperating this morning after suffering a medical event behind the wheel of his car while returning home from dinner with his wife Thursday evening.

The as-yet unidentified man, whose name was not given due to privacy concerns, was behind the wheel of an Acura RDX when he informed his wife he was not feeling well, the stricken driver losing control and crashing into a parked car in the 1700 block of Mt. Diablo Boulevard, according to Walnut Creek Police Lt. Tom Cashion.

Cashion said the man’s wife attempted to gain control of the vehicle from the passenger seat but was unable to, the car crashing and coming to rest at 8:49 p.m., when police and fire dispatches were notified.

Walnut Creek officers were on the scene in minutes, Officer Mitcalf and Sgt. Slater assessing the situation and immediately beginning chest compressions, according to Cashion. The officers were in the process of accessing a portable defibrillator from their car when county fire district personnel arrived on the scene and assumed life-saving measures.

The victim was transported to John Muir Medical Center, reportedly undergoing surgery there Thursday night. Cashion said he believed the man was recuperating from that surgery Friday morning.

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  1. I work with rhis man and his wife and am still waiting for word that he is out of the woods. Prayers for them both would be greatly appreciated.

    • Ah, we’re sorry to hear that and we’re keeping our fingers crossed. If you hear any news you can safely share it would be appreciated as quite a few people have made inquiries.

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