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3.5 Quake Ripples Through Piedmont, Lamorinda


A brief but hearty 3.5 magnitude earthquake rippled through the East Bay early Tuesday, shaking mirrors and setting chandeliers swinging in Lamorinda and elsewhere in the 24/680.

The shaker was born just under two miles east of Piedmont, according to the USGS, and rippled outward along the Hayward Fault.

There were no reports of any damage and it was not immediately known if track and infrastructure inspections, routine after significant quakes, were being done.


  1. A little jiggle here in Orinda, enough to stir me from a heavy, jet-lagged slumber, but not enough to remember what happened…

    • Far as we can determine from the reader feedback thus far, GF, Moraga got the shock and awe portion of this little shaker. Nothing broken, just Mother Nature letting us know who’s boss! And welcome back from wherever you flew in from!

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