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Bigger, Faster, More Leg Room! And Built Just For You!


Dedicated readers, and there were at least several hundred of you who took time to write us, noted our recent downtime as we completed a subtle site renovation undertaken to accommodate a recent growth spurt here at NEWS24/680.

We were bursting at the seams there and noted some system slowdowns during high traffic periods and resolved to fix that problem – making us faster and more responsive to you, the people who matter most.

We’re done, having shifted our news operation over to our Facebook and Twitter accounts in the interim downtime, and they got crowded as folks piled in there. But now we’re back up and running optimally after 72 agonizing and very newsy “no-news” hours!

Check us out. And thanks for your patience!


  1. Welcome back! I didn’t want to “bother you” during your downtime, but I did have a nice online chat with your web hosting company to see what was “going on.” I was hoping you weren’t hacked. They asked me twice “are you the owner of this site” so I guess they’re cautious about giving out info, which is a good thing…

    • Oh, my! Thanks for caring so much. We moved operations over to the Social Media side during our down-time, which wasn’t long chronologically but was “oh so slow” by news standards! We had a ton of emails and calls otherwise we wouldn’t have mentioned it. But it is sooooo nice to be back up and running. Finalizing a few functions but we seem to be our old, crotchety selves again! Thanks for writing and reading NEWS24/680!

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