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Moraga Crime Files – The Hammer Falls On A Noise Complaint; Money Laundering On Ascot; Delivered By Uber


Many of you have noted an apparent uptick in activity in our normally quiet burgh and it appears you were correct. Herewith, the most significant of events from the most recent Moraga crime log:

Backyard Backpack

An Ascot Drive resident reported finding a discarded backpack in the open area behind their dwelling Aug. 30 and responding officers discovered the knapsack contained items believed stolen during a recent car burglary in the area. The backpack and its contents were booked into evidence. Residents also reported seeing people running from a residence in the area earlier that morning.

Miramonte Drive Car Burgled

On Aug. 31 a resident living on Miramonte Drive contacted police to inform them someone appeared to have entered her unlocked car and made off with several items. No suspect information or leads.

Money Laundering On Ascot

Also on Aug. 31, police were called to an apartment complex in the 2000 block of Ascot Drive and told that thieves had managed to open two of three laundry room coin boxes, stealing about $100 in change and damaging the locks in the process. Apparently security video captured the thieves in action. Case under investigation.

If I Had A Hammer…

And police were called back to the 2000 block of Ascot around 7 p.m. on Aug. 31 after a construction worker called saying a resident had thrown a beer bottle at the crew, striking a worker on the foot, after confronting them about construction noise. Officers were met by the complaining party as he walked down the stairs of his residence with a sledge hammer – which he allegedly was reluctant to give up but eventually did. Officers said the noise-sensitive resident was found to be too drunk to care for himself so he was taken to the hoosegow for being drunk in public. The construction workers declined to press charges for the incoming beer bottle. No determination made about whether the construction noise was in violation of any local ordinances.

One Thing Leads To Another

Firefighters called on to tend to an apparently intoxicated 19-year-old in the 2000 block of Ascot a hair after 2 a.m. Sept. 3 found their victim conscious and unwilling to accept their attention. While standing in the parking lot, however, they noted an unrelated fight break out a short distance away and called police for support. Officers stayed on the scene while firefighters eventually took the 19-year-old to the hospital for treatment. No word on what happened to the combatants.

Party Warning

Police were called to a residence in the unit block of Miramonte Drive at 12:03 a.m. Sept. 4 and eventually issued a Loud and Unruly Party admonition to the occupants of the dwelling after police determined they were partying just a wee bit too hearty.

Delivered By Uber

Also on Sept. 4, Moraga police were called out to Sanders Ranch to check on a “highly intoxicated” woman with a small child with her who had just been delivered to an address in Sanders Ranch by an Uber driver – even though they didn’t live there. The woman, whose actual address was not given, was found to be more than three times the legal limit for the presence of alcohol in her system and she was arrested for public intoxication and child endangerment. A family member was summoned to pick up the child. The Uber driver left… confused.

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  1. I’d be interested in knowing if any action was taken against the construction crew? For noise violations?

    • We like archaic language, Steve, use it for its color and flavor and because we grew up with it! Interesting history behind the word…

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