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Moraga Police Blotter: Cyber Shenanigans, Mystery Carvings, The Party Lamp Is Lit


Major incidents as reported by the men and women of the Moraga police department:

Window Shopping On Ascot Drive

On Aug. 24, police were contacted by a resident living in the 2000 block of Ascot Drive who reported that a person or persons unknown had entered her car and made off with two handbags valued at $400. The resident acknowledged she may have left her car unlocked. No damage to the windows or doors of the car. No leads.
“You Want An iPhone With That Shake?”

Moraga PD were called out to look for a man workers at the Moraga Burger King said made off with an employee’s iPhone on Aug. 24. The employee said she left the phone on the counter, left it unattended for a moment, and that a man walked off with it. An extensive search of Rheem Center did not turn up a suspect.

Walking Dead Tree Whittlers?

Fans of that show will know that various groups leave their marks carved on trees in the areas they prowl. On Aug. 25, a person approached police to point out a series of strange carvings on the trees behind her home on Donald Drive. The homeowner surmised the whittling had been done sometime the week prior. Police have no leads but are watching the woods closely for any sign of Walkers.

Party Scene Heats Up

Slightly different circumstances and number of guests, but police were called out to quiet the following parties:

  • Aug. 28 – 11:08 p.m., unit block of Buckingham Drive.
  • Aug. 28 – 12:30 a.m., 2000 block of Ascot.

“We Had To Destroy Your Car In Order To Burglarize It…”

Thieves attacked a car in the 1300 block of Moraga Way at 8:55 a.m. on Aug. 28, smashing windows in order to make off with a backpack containing – school supplies. The car’s owner reported $300 in damage to the vehicle. The loss of the $40 backpack. And undetermined cost of the school supplies. No witnesses.

Bamboozling The Babysitter

In a variation of an old con, scammers convinced an Ascot Drive resident looking for work as a babysitter to deposit what turned out to be a bogus $2,520 check in her personal bank account in order to buy a wheelchair needed for her intended client – who was set to arrive in the area shortly. The job aspirant deposited the check and then withdrew $2,100 in cash – sending it to an account established by her “employer,” so the chair could be purchased. The Upshot: Her money was good, theirs was not and she’s out the $2,100… and the job.

“I Need My (Parking) Space…”

Parking appears to be in short supply on Villa Lane and police were called out to quell a dispute over parking space availability on Aug. 29. Apparently a neighbor grew irate over the perceived over use of assigned parking by friends of his neighbor’s teen daughter. Things got so testy that the neighbor apparently gave the teen and her friends a piece of his mind. Police advised the tenant about how to go about getting a restraining order and advised her to contact her condominium association.

… And A Space Just Opened Up On Donald Drive…”

Police were dispatched to the 2100 block of Donald the morning of Aug. 30 after the owner of a Honda CRV reported that someone had taken the car from its assigned place in the apartment parking lot. Police say the investigation is on-going.

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