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Moraga Town Council Vote Puts City Ventures Project Back On Track

Moraga's City Ventures project is once again on track.

From The Town:

(The) Town Council adopted, by a 3-2 vote, a resolution approving the General Development Plan and Vesting Tentative Map for the Moraga Town Center Homes project, granting City Ventures’ appeal of the Planning Commission’s July 18 effective denial of the application. The project now requires three additional approvals from the Town: the Precise Development Plan, Final Design Review, and Final Subdivision Map. For more information contact Holly Pearson, Senior Planner.

Council members Onoda and Wyckle voted against the move.


  1. I rather have City Ventures with high density multi family units than the atrocious homes that were approved on land once used as a bowling alley The development across the street from Starbucks on Moraga Road is different from the look and feel of any single family home in Moraga. It’s stacked housing with no yards, no streets to park, and on a main road that can barely handle the current traffic. How Moraga Via was approved in its current form is beyond me and any current town council member that voted yes for Via Moraga should be voted out off the Town Council.

  2. Traffic. Yes. Moraga road was fun to drive yesterday. And I agree the roads will only get busier when people who don’t mind living next to fire stations or on busy roads get here.

  3. Ken can’t talk bubble until someone draws him a mouth, but I am guessing Ken and Barbie LOVE the burbs. I’m pretty fond of Moraga myself, but nothing ever stays the same. Well, except for Ken and Barbie and the college kids. They never grow old.

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