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Doors Opening, Doors Closing As Commercial Real Estate Re-Shuffles In Lamorinda


The trick with a story of this sort is where to start. Several landmark local businesses in Lamorinda are either on the move or re-opening, as some deals many locals had thought were carved in stone crumble away and new ones emerge.

Belying rumors spreading like a post-drought wildfire, Moraga Planning Director Ellen Clark said there are no plans afoot for the Rheem Valley Burger King to take over the vacated Moraga Center Jack In The Box – as the local gossip drumbeat has drummed.

A very patient (you would not believe how many calls we’re getting on this) Ms. Clark was able to confirm Wednesday that an “active application” has been submitted for relocation of the Rheem Starbucks to the neighboring Burger King footprint, a move insiders say reflects Starbucks’ interest in having a drive-through element to their business, as we’ve said.

“Nothing on any of the other vacant spaces, I’m afraid,” Clark said, though we believe Hazmat restoration work on the old Shell Station property has been completed and, of course, a local wealth management firm has taken up residence in the Old/Newly LEED-designed Moraga Barn.

While Moragans maneuver around sucky sinkholes and road construction, Lafayette residents are hoping three of their own will be able to resurrect the long-abandoned and forlorn Park Theater – with their purchase of the venerable landmark expected to close sometime next year.

The group is banking on getting additional funding from investors for an anticipated multi-million dollar makeover of the beloved Neon Lady and have mentioned plans for using the streamlined moderne structure for film screenings and other uses geared towards local interests.

Residents may remember a proposal to convert the theater into a Fenton’s Creamery was initially given a warm reception and high approval rating – but later languished and died as several factors aspirants felt might adversely affect such an enterprise raised their head.

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  1. I support all local businesses and wish them all well but I have to say, traffic in some parts of town now is reaching the tipping point if not already there. With that I would also say it would be great to see the Park lit up again.

  2. That BK to Jack in the Crack rumor is all over town and lots of people are saying MickeyD is coming too. Who is moving into the Starbucks if they move?

  3. Can we just get Squirrels to re-open, please? Bring back the old menu, but increase prices by 50%. Everyone wins.

  4. How long is Lafayette’s Jack in the Box going to be closed? The remodel seems to be stretching on for quite sometime.

  5. What’s going on with the old bank? building after the gas station on Moraga road just befor you get to country club? Isn’t it empty?

  6. I hear Fentons is moving into the Lafayette Jack In Box!!!! Yay!!!! And Apple is moving into the one in Boraga!

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