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Mangy Coyote Continues To Confound, Outrun The Law In Danville Tuesday

Wile E. Coyote, right. LoonieTunes/Warner Brothers

If you grew up with cool cartoons like Yosemite Sam and Bugs and the gang you probably know about Wile E. Coyote. The animators at Loonie Tunes made a packet off us kids, hooking us with the exploits of a creative but ultimately ill-fated and ever-hungry coyote and his pursuit of an elusive roadrunner somewhere in the CartoonLand West.

Wile E. used a variety of methods to catch and (it was inferred, this being the 50s after all) lunch on his speedy nemesis and his exploits were legion and almost always involved explosives from the ACME Powder Company.

He never won but he always kept trying and that was the fun of it. And now a real-life version of the West’s mascot is roaming Danville as we first printed, what, a week or so ago now? And he looks a little like Wile E. after the Roadrunner has dropped him in a vat of hair remover or something as this one has the mange, a mite-borne sickness that must be uncomfortable as all get out for the affected varmint.

Our Hairless Wile E. has been making the rounds in Danville and environs lately, spooking the unknowing, prompting lots of phone calls and a concerted effort to trap the poor dude and, hopefully, get him some help. We don’t know.

Danville's Wile E. Coyote isn't looking his best right now. Photo: Darcy
Danville’s Wile E. Coyote isn’t looking his best right now. Photo: Darcy

We’re just hoping things go better for Wile E. than they did for Gary Gator, a healthy alligator who had taken up residence in a creek in Sunol after outgrowing his human’s household. Gary was, uh, dispatched by game wardens as an expedient way of removing his presence from the landscape and, yeah, we were sorry to hear it end that way.

Most Californians aware of and comfortable with Coyotes know they prefer chicken to Roadrunner and Wile E. was caught in the hen house today, Tuesday, at a residence on Danville Boulevard.

But Coyotes are an elusive breed, even when they’re itching like crazy, and our Wile E. boogied before police could arrive.

Our boy is not without his fans. While some in the area are calling for his “removal,” others are hoping for a more humane solution. While this mascot of the American West is currently hairless and harried, many residents have said they would like to see him rehabilitated and repatriated.

We shall see. Government trapper, perhaps with some gadgets from the ACME company, arrives this week.


  1. It’s easy — all you need is a net, a rocket from the acme rocket company, and roller skates. No anvils.

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