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Persistent Burglars Strike Home In Lafayette Friday


Burglars patiently worked their way through the locked windows and doors of a home in the 3100 block of Camino Colorados on Friday, police said, neatly stacking the owner’s belongings on their way out the door.

Officers sent to the residence learned the residents had left the home at 10 a.m., locking all of the windows and doors. When they returned at 3 p.m., they found the rear sliding glass door open.

Items normally stored in a bedroom closet had been carefully stacked on an outside table (pictured). Other items and jewelry were taken from the home.

Officers found the home had three exterior doors leading to the backyard. One of the glass sliders was open, with tool marks on the outside frame of the door – and investigators surmised it was the door the suspect(s) had been able to open. Another rear door had a series of tool marks on the face of the door. The suspect(s) had used a tool (likely a screwdriver) to bend the frame and access the locking device. The suspect(s) were unable to force the lock on this door, so the then moved on to the second door. The suspect(s) were able to gain access through the second door, according to police.

As with past cases, LPD is hoping residents in the area will come forward with any information or surveillance video captured during the time of the theft. They also noted that, once again, thieves had been able to carry off this particular crime by accessing the backyard of the residence through an unsecured rear gate.

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  1. Catch them. Turn them over to their victims. I’d like to subject them to a little suburban justice – make them listen to Kenny G and tape their eyes open so they have to watch Barney episodes over and over. It’s only right.

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