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Fists Fly At San Ramon Wedding Reception; Police Call For Reinforcements


A wedding reception with an estimated 200 guests in attendance went awry Friday evening after fights apparently broke out and San Ramon police – badly outnumbered by party guests – called for assistance from neighboring agencies.

Things started kicking off shortly after 11 p.m. after police and San Ramon Valley Fire crews were summoned to the Garden Pavilion Room of the Bridges Golf Club in response to reports of heavy fighting among attending guests.

Reports that three people had been knocked unconscious in the melee could not be immediately confirmed as police, attempting to gain control of the situation, called for help in moving guests out of the venue from neighboring agencies.

San Ramon Police Lt. Denton Carlson was able to confirm our information, saying that one woman was taken to the hospital as a precautionary measure after she was knocked unconscious. Attendees said she appeared to have suffered a head injury.

Police said several reception goers were interviewed in the wake of the melee but that no one would come forward with information as to how the fight got started and no one admitted to even knowing any suspect so… no arrests were made.

Partygoers were “uncooperative” with officers, Carlson said.

No officers were reported injured in the ensuing scuffles, which reportedly continued inside and in the parking lot even as police arrived on the scene.

It was not known what prompted the fisticuffs, and we may not know until Saturday morning – and until the champagne wears off.

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    • Um, well, we didn’t get an invitation (sniff), but from what we understand from folks who were there there was some drinking involved!

  1. Wow. My uncle Pete slipped and fell duriing the chicken dance at our wedding….. and some kid got sick in the bathroom. That was about it. I feel now like we didn’t do enough.

  2. A terrible thing happened at our wedding, too. Somebody brought a karaoke machine, which, tragically, came out after the band stopped at 2:00am. Fortunately, this was before cell phone video cameras, and there are only static / silent images and some very fuzzy memories to recall.

    We also depleted three kegs and because of a serious case of ‘the munchies’, finished off all the cake for breakfast, before going to bed sometime mid-morning the next day.

  3. I was in the wedding reception at a country club and it got pretty crazy too. I remember at one point in the evening (very late) I was sent out to find a missing groomsman and after a wide search located him in a sand trap with one of the bridesmaids. In the state they were in I think he told her he was going to take her to Cabo or something – and she believed him.

  4. Thanks, Mary A., for appreciating the humor…. And then for taking the discussion precisely where I predicted it would go.

  5. Yeh well I would think twice about walking in on a brawl like that — even with a taser and maybe a police dog. Sounds like the cops were seriously outnumbered by idiots.

  6. Actually…It was my cousins wedding and I was in attendance and since none of you were there or even know what happened it’s best to keep your rude comments to yourself! Way to keep it classy!

  7. I’ve heard people talking all over the valley about this! Crazy. Apparently the DJ checked in on your Facebook?

  8. aaaaaannnnd Melissa’s gone. So much for “you guys don’t know the whole story, but I do….” Pretty blatant troll.

  9. I can see how this happened and I’m willing to bet there was an inebriated woman involved. I am frankly amazed at the things women say these days — and at how some of them behave. I am also not surprised that someone would knock them down, as bad as that sounds.

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