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Walnut Creek Remains Productive Hunting Ground For Purse Pickers

Police say these two women have been mining the purses of diners in Walnut Creek. Photo: WCPD

More video is surfacing from Walnut Creek of a practiced team of purse-picking women who have been casually lifting the wallets of neighboring diners as they lunch – redeeming their ill-gotten gains at Sun Valley Mall soon after the thefts.

Followers of this site will know this is not the first case of this type, with very similar videos and tales of wallet lifters at work printed here in past years.Pickers2

But the very casual nature with which they are able to pull off these crimes, without their victims being any the wiser despite being mere feet away, is disconcerting and worthy of note. Perhaps you’ll keep it in mind.

Police say the thefts occurred between July 27 and August 5 with this particular pair responsible for at least three wallet thefts mined from diners at various downtown restaurants.

Video shows one woman acting as a lookout, toying with her phone while her accomplice casually maneuvers the targeted purse into play with her foot – then adroitly lifts the wallet out – going through it at the table with her victim mere feet away.

And, yes, we noted the similarities between this latest occurrence and an earlier video.

Walnut Creek police are asking anyone who recognizes either of these women to give them a call.

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  1. We’re all sick of thieves, but I’ll never understand the mindset of ladies who don’t take preventive measures to guard their purse. Only carry what you need (one debit or credit) and guard your purse like Fort Knox. Sadly, it’s the society we live in, and it doesn’t matter where you live. Crime is everywhere. I hope they catch them.

  2. Affluent and distracted clientele — perfect victims. Hard to believe people can be so casual about their belongings.

  3. Are they signaling each other or something in the picture there? I’m always very aware of people making overly dramatic gestures and talking loudly as I believe it is often used as a distraction for something else. I must also say I am confused by people who walk around with their purses slung over their shoulder as if on holiday in Rome (something I would never do there, by the way) and with all their personal items clearly on display. I can only imagine that some people don’t really care if they lose their money or not. I’m clearly not in that demographic!

  4. If I had to guess I would say that the woman in the striped top is the same one who was working alone when she was caught on camera robbing that woman at Tender Greens last year. Hope they catch them both.

  5. Had this happen to me in Europe and I promised myself I’d never let it happen again. Since then I have been extremely careful when out in public places. My sympathy to the victims who will be spending a good deal of time untangling their banking and credit histories because of this.

  6. There will always be thieves. And as long as there are people willing to give them money they will keep coming back. It’s a basic principle.

  7. I think its great to live in an area where the crime rate is so low that we don’t live in a constant state of fear and paranoia. I am saddened by those who take advantage of us as “soft targets.” I don’t blame the victims. I blame the parents of the offenders.

  8. I’m so sorry to say, but there’s a real trend in the type of people doing all the purse snatchings lately. Absolutely not going into any profiling here, but all the pics and discriptions of previos events are very similar! -a real shame

  9. How are these people not caught! There is video and pics of them and they’re roaming the shopping areas. Am I missing something here!?

    • Lot of folks asking that one this morning, Victor. From past experience we would say that catching bad guys is harder than they make it look on CSI Miami or whatever and that these folks have proven to be highly mobile, often organized, aware of ways not to be caught, and otherwise elusive. They frequently stay in an area only until they score sufficient amounts of cash or cards to live comfortably before moving on, often living in motels or other temporary housing. That said, we would swear that the woman pictured at the top of our first photo bears a striking resemblance to the woman filmed “hooking” a woman’s purse at the Walnut Creek Tender Greens a year or so ago. Perhaps they like the food, but we think they may be coming back because it’s easy to steal from people…

  10. Guess I’ll have to eat my meal with my purse on my lap from now on. Where else am I supposed to put it so it won’t be rifled through by thieves? Don’t blame the victim.

  11. My mother always used to put her purse where she could see it. If not on the chair beside her on the floor next to her. I once saw her loop her ankle through the strap when it was on the floor at a restaurant where we were eating and I asked her why she did that. “Because I’m from Paris,” she said. “And the pickpockets are very skilled there.” She was a very smart woman.

  12. The victims, I presume, were all women carrying valuables in a bag. Generally, men don’t carry valuables in a bag weighing 12 lbs that is easily separated from the body. I think there is a safety tip in there somewhere.

  13. It’s funny,I speaking with a police officer today and he was saying because the proposition 47 that raised the limit of a felony to $950 ,he said that people stealing under that amount are usually turned loose the same day with a notice to appear months later before a judge. The policeman said they’re often busy at it again the very next day. So I guess we really need to blame the crazy laws now. And yes we need to be more ever vigilant protect ourselves.
    It’s unfortunate but if I see women like this in a restaurant near me I’m good now Safeguard my valuables all the more. A shame!

  14. “It’s unfortunate but if I see women like this in a restaurant near me I’m good now Safeguard my valuables all the more.”
    I’m not sure what is meant by “women like this”. Women with large handbags? What?

  15. Must be a record. We went 22 posts before Prop 47 came up. We get it. Sometimes criminals steal because they are criminals.

  16. Yeh have to go with Mark on this one. Prop47 = bad. Safe to say we all get that. I’m wondering if you or the police can do some kind of photo comparison on that one woman here though because she does look like the woman at Tender Greens last year. Even has the same smile. If she hasn’t been arrested sometime between then and now she must be really lucky or really really good at her work.

  17. The amazing thing to me is that no one appears to see a thing. That had to have been a very crowded restaurant.

  18. Probably same women as before but because our laws are so soft they have no fear of being caught since they will just release them to do it again the next day. Sick of these thieves.

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