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Lafayette Rehearses Evacuation Plan In Advance Of Wild Land Fire Event

"Evac" is one of those four-letter words we hope not to see anytime soon...

Lafayette has borrowed the message behind the Boy Scout – and perhaps the Coast Guard’s “Semper Paratus” – motto, and has just wrapped up a comprehensive drill aimed at ensuring things go as smoothly as possible in the event of an actual, widespread emergency.

City officials and police drew on emergency plans for evacuation of the Happy Valley neighborhood in the event of a major wild land fire and put those plans into effect in a real-world exercise which culminated today, Saturday, and saw the posting of signs designating evacuation routes and use of equipment and venues the city would draw on in an actual emergency.EvacDrill2A note to participating agencies, officials and neighbors in the Happy Valley area from Chief Eric Christensen was laden with recognition for what can go wrong in an emergency situation – and what neighbors can do to make sure things go as smoothly as possible.

We found one paragraph especially illuminating as Christensen outlined the city’s intent to keep residents connected and up to date during an emergency through various means, including the use of local social media sites – including this one – and ending the graph with an ominous “… assuming those systems are still working.”

Yikes. But, no, we get you, Chief, and we know from experience that things really go wrong when things go wrong so we’re breaking out the generators and solar-powered espresso makers for a little drill of our own.


  1. If it ever happens here heaven forbid –= I hope the roads are as clear and unclogged as they are in the picture.

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