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Roundabout’s A’Growing, Lafayette! “Hella Backups For Now,” Says Kaveh

Photo: Kaveh Astaneh

If you drive anywhere around Lamorinda you may have noticed the dust and fuss around Olympic and Pleasant Hill roads as a contractor begins to shape a roundabout planned for that intersection.

All the work and portent of a looming, UK-style roundabout was not lost on NEWS24/680 Reader and Resident Easy Rider Kaveh Astaneh, who sent in this panoramic picture and wrote:

The intersection… is down to one lane in all directions. HELLA back up .. make sure these motorists know a cyclist is giving them this heads up if you go with it.

We are going with it so, all you drivers out there, you can thank Kaveh if you didn’t already know about all the work in the area.

Next week, apparently, workers will begin constructing the four “corners” of the future intersection and new storm drain facilities. During this stage traffic lanes along Pleasant Hill Road and Olympic Boulevard will be further shifted and realigned to create clearance space around the work zones.

Patience or avoidance is suggested and you can thank a bicyclist for the traffic advisory. Further information available from city engineers at (925) 284-1951.


  1. I know of an ideal location the city of Martinez could use one of these. Who can I contact so they can subsequently tell me, “thanks, but no thanks.”?

    But seriously – who do I contact?

    • Morning, RN – we’re thinking first inquiry would go to the City Manager, then probably the City Engineer. We don’t have contact info on hand but think you can find them easily enough. We’d start there. Where do you envision placement of the Martinez Roundabout?

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