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Taggers Ticking Off Lafayette Trail Users

Photo: Kimberly

One thing for sure, Banksy isn’t in town. These spray painted hieroglyphics went up on the EBMUD substation bordering the Lafayette trail north of the School Street trail entrance recently and walkers who use the meandering lane are seeing red.

Kimberly L wrote:

“My friend S**** suggested sending this to you, to see if anyone else sent it your way yet… Another friend wants to help fix it. Not sure if we could arrange that. It started with just the middle section and has more was added recently. Makes me angry.”

You’re not alone, Kimberly, as others have noted the tags and amateurish styling and made their desire to see it come down – pronto – known.

The relatively secluded nature of the sub station and the “canvas-like” appearance of the concrete structures have proven attractive to taggers and EBMUD has moved aggressively to remove the scribbles in the past. We’ll see what happens with this latest batch.

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  1. They are slippery suckers, but if you can catch one, I recommend ear tags or nose tags to help identify repeat offenders.

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