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Hot Time In Lafayette Thursday (Or, Small Town News Is Still News)

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As news stories go a small, smoky fire at CVS pharmacy in Lafayette Thursday wasn’t the biggest, but it attracted a lot of attention and provided some diversion for locals Thursday.

We made passing mention of an electrical malfunction in the basement of the store and a small blaze there around 8:54 p.m., setting off alarms and drawing “the fire brigade” as 24/680 Reader Alison called the folks from ConFire.

Alison Gibson
Alison Gibson

The store was evacuated with staff and customers retreating to the safety of the parking lot while Alison continued to document events and half the town and our readership (apparently) checked in with their version of what will go down, now, as The Great Fire of ’16.

What was to us a one paragraph footnote reminded us yet again that we live in and cover a small town and that such things are important to residents. We got a kick out of your messages and reactions – many of which left us in stitches.

So, NEWS24/680 hats are going out to those who risked life and limb on the Front Lines in Lafayette Thursday. Thanks for reminding us that Small Town News is still news!


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