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Second-Story Burglars Give Lafayette Residents Unwelcome “Welcome Home” Present

Photo: LPD

Vacationers returning to their home in Lafayette Wednesday received a shock and a deflating “welcome back” message from burglars with no apparent fear of heights.

Investigators say officers were dispatched to a home in the 700 block of Tofflemire Drive to confirm what the residents – who were just returning from a short vacation – had already surmised: their home had been hit and ransacked by burglars.

Officers determined that the suspect or suspects had attempted a first entry through a second floor crank-operated window – which shattered as they worked on it. Undeterred, the crooks attacked a second window, made access to the residence and removed electronics, jewelry, and other items burglars like for their quick resale value before leaving through the front door.

Lafayette police said the “Welcome Back” burglary is representative of the type they are seeing lately as residents leave for extended periods, do not make provision for security checks by police or neighbors, and are met by disastrous results when they return.

Because the home was vacant for so long, investigators are seeking information from neighbors and the public regarding this case. Although various items of evidence were collected they admit the case has been difficult to investigate. If you saw anyone suspicious in the neighborhood or remember anything unusual, please contact Lafayette PD.

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  1. People we don’t know come through our neighborhood all the time. We keep a scratch pad with license numbers near the front door. We are getting cameras soon. This has become too common.

  2. Gone fishing but we’re not worried – we let the dogs loose when we left and they haven’t been fed in a week and 1/2. I pity the poor burglar who tries our place.

  3. And, of course, they know when people are gone. It’s the summer. Most people take vacation in the summer and they don’t take any steps to make their house lived in.

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