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Attempted Purse Snatching Reported In Walnut Creek Wednesday


Walnut Creek police are searching for three people – described as two young black males with a black female driving – who reportedly tried to steal a purse from a woman on Cypress Avenue in the city Wednesday.

Initial reports indicate that the trio, believed to be riding in a silver-colored Honda with paper plates, pulled up to a woman in the 1500 block of Cypress at 2:52 p.m. Wednesday, the woman in the car getting out and attempting to grab the victim’s purse.

The attempt was reportedly unsuccessful and the three were last seen leaving the the area in the direction of the freeway.

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  1. I’m getting leery of the city that Walnut Creek is becoming. A lot of homeless and street people, and some spooky people prowling around. Constant purse snatchings, shoplifting, car thefts and break-ins .
    Yes it’s trying to be glitzy and glamorous…. but these increasing trends are taking away some of the glimmer. We’d rather go dine and shop now in Lafayette or Danville.

  2. I’m the near victim of the purse snatching incident on Cypress Ave in Walnut Creek.
    My gratitude to the staff from the waxing/beauty shop came to my rescue. One brave
    young woman from the shop came out with a hot curling iron. It’s good to know that
    there are good samaritan in this community.

    • Glad you’re okay, that people stopped to help, that you were able to hang onto your purse… and that you took a moment to let us all know that you’re well!

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