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Wild Night In Walnut Creek; Officer Injured By Hit And Run Suspect – Suspect Captured

Rolando Gonzalez. Photo: WCPD
Rolando Gonzalez. Photo: WCPD

NEWS24/680 readers started pinging the site shortly after 10 p.m. Saturday night when a “banana yellow” Ford Mustang apparently hit a police SUV head-on in the 1900 block of Parkside Dr. in Walnut Creek.

Police said their patrol units first responded to a vehicle versus pedestrian hit and run collision on the 200 block of Wooten Drive in which the pedestrian sustained minor injury. A witness to the hit and run attempted to confront the suspect but was nearly run over by the suspect vehicle and also sustained minor injury, according to police.

A short time later, at approximately 10:15 p.m., a Walnut Creek police officer located the suspect vehicle on Parkside Drive just west of Hillside Ave. The yellow Ford Mustang collided head-on with the patrol officer’s SUV causing significant damage to both vehicles.

Police said the suspect, later identified as Rolando Gonzalez, 33, of Walnut Creek, abandoned his vehicle and tried to hide in some nearby bushes. Several other officers responded to the area at which time Gonzales reportedly “actively” resisted their attempts to take him into custody.

Officers used tasers and a non-lethal beanbag shot gun on Gonzalez in an effort to get him to comply, they said, and a police canine was also utilized – though the animal was reportedly stabbed several times by the suspect with an unknown object.

Ultimately, officers were able to take Gonzales into custody for multiple felony charges. He was taken to a local hospital for treatment of his injuries and later booked on felony Hit and Run, Assault with a Deadly Weapon, Harming a Police Dog, Driving Under the Influence and Resisting Arrest.

The WCPD officer involved in the collision sustained serious but non-life threatening injuries and was also transported to the hospital. The WCPD K-9 was transported to the veterinarian to receive emergency medical care and is expected to fully recover.

WCPD requests anyone who may have witnessed any part of the above incidents to contact Detective Gabe Mauro at 925-943-5844.

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  1. Thanks for covering. Your facebook was the only one on it last night. We heard the crash but hear no shots even if poeple say there was a shooting. Both cars damaged. Never seen so many cop cars in one place before.

  2. We were in town last night and heard the sirens. Thanks for news. We didn’t have a clue and it was obvious something bigh was happening.

  3. Did not hear any gunfire and we’re pretty close. But it sounded like every police car in three counties was there.

  4. Can’t tear myself away from NEWS24 but sometimes wish I could. Thanks for the information, I just wish it was better news.

  5. Hope the police officer is ok and recovers. Skin the dirtbag and hang him from the town sign as a warning to others like him — who appear to be coming here in increasing number.

  6. We’re in a cycle I hope we work our way out of very soon. This is awful news to hear. Praying for Baton Rouge.

  7. See what police officers have to put up with every day!!!
    I thank the police for their Brave hard work to protect us good citizens!
    It is not an easy job to do lately. The current Administration has not had the backs of police for over 7 years now, and has always been quick to condemn police ( before evidence is in) while excusing the criminals.
    Thankfullu, a day of change is coming soon.

  8. I keep hearing that crime is down but I have to say it is hard to admit when you are seeing chases and thefts while commuting to and from work.

  9. It seems as though big city crime encroaches upon sleepy suburbia more and more all the time. Hopefully this wave of violence will soon pass. Best wishes for a speedy recovery to the victims of this very angry, very dangerous, intoxicated man.

  10. We sent so many men and women into battle in Iraq and Afganistan. So many marines and soldiers were trained by our government to overcome natural instincts to hesitate in battle, for their own preservation and to make them instruments of war. They were trained to kill. Serving for the longest deployment by far in US history. So many required that many of dubious psychological fitness were taken as well. Is it any wonder that now our veteran services are inadequate. Is it any wonder that 20 veterans take their own lives every day. Is it any wonder that many can’t make the adjustment back to “the world”?. Some become police officers because they have the requisite gun skills. Some affiliate with fringe groups and shoot police or commit “suicide by police”. Why why why are these murders in Dallas and Baton Rouge (black and white) unexpected? Suck down that latte, make yourself comfortable in your beemer as you drive home tonight, and answer me that. Do you think that we need more weapons in America? I am dying to know.

  11. Just catching up with all this. Hard to believe one person could cause so much harm and damage. And incidents of this type seem to be happening almost every day. Or is it just because this site is covering these incidents while they went unreported in prior years?

  12. As this site has demonstrated and pointed out it is apparent that people come to this area for whatever reason to rob and steal. Those who have heeded the message have taken precautions and those who have not remain vulnerable. I’ve chosen to take precautions and so have many of the people I know. I hope and pray nothing bad happens and someone is hurt — I guess it’s too late for that isn’t it — but I don’t play the victim very well. It is my sincere wish that EVERYONE stay safe and be able to return to their families.

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