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Milo And Jules Guard Whole Foods In Lafayette – Cheek To Cheek

"Woof". Photo: Pamela Dunn

Even though they were wearing tongue in cheek “Police Canine” collars, these two lovable hunks could have been had for a head rub and a cookie despite their breed’s rep for taking on all comers.

Photo: Pamela Dunn
Photo: Pamela Dunn

They appeared to be enjoying each other’s company as well as the attention of small humanlings so the civilian pups attracted the camera of reader Pamela Dunn while they were busy posing and being photogenic outside the Lafayette Whole Foods.

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  1. I say this tongue and cheek….( no, not that cheek that you mentioned) But I bet no robbers or shoplifters we’re tempted to try something at this business while they were in front.

  2. “Same plan as before Jules. You distract them by letting the little human pet you — I’ll see if there’s anything edible in their shopping bag.”

  3. “Wheatgrass. I tell you, Jules, the next guy who tries to give me wheatgrass – I’m goin to lose my shit.”

  4. “Kind of dead around here. What say we move down to Pet Food Express? You can use the fake limp thing again…”

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