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The View From Up Here

"Trixie." She promises not to Loop The Loop over the 24/680 Split ever again...

It has been gently noted by our many female readers that our NEWS24/680 Flying Circus has had a decidedly male look and feel to it so today we introduce “Trixie Trueheart,” former wing-walker and trick parachutist to our crew.

Trixie, made of sterner stuff and ready to fly, will take the stick of the NEWS24/680 Sopwith while her male counterparts stay in the hangar, steadying their nerves after last night’s developments in Dallas:

“Hi everybody! Quiet in the 24/680 so far this morning with good visibility up here despite low fog to my west and not too much moving – even what clouds are out are sort of lumbering along today. Our freeways look pretty good so far with a lot of folks still up in the hills, apparently, enjoying Lake Tahoe. Locally, people are driving cautiously, almost in a subdued fashion, perhaps still contemplating the impact of recent events.

“Even the airlanes are free of their usual congestion with no sign, so far, of those pesky traffic whirlybirds the boy pilots like to complain about. Too bad, I was looking forward to meeting them – the egg beater skipper from Channel Four is supposed to be a dish.

“I am seeing highway workers and the Highway Patrol clearing several cars from the roadway on westbound Highway 4 just east of Port Chicago. It looks like at least four got all tangled up there this morning.

“Swinging south to take a look at Mount Diablo and the San Ramon Valley and it’s just shiny and sparkly from my altitude, no hint of problems…

“I’ll sign off now, the newsroom took a collection and bought me enough fuel for another half hour or so up here so if you see something happening in your neck of the woods, drop me a line and I’ll swing down and take a look!

“This is Trixie, signing off for now!”

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