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MORE Signage, Maybe? Spike Strips?

Photo: Betsy Ringrose (who sacrificed her mini-Cooper for the shot).

Nothing seems to get the neighbors talking more than a good residential burglary or particularly nutty crash on their fair street and that proved the case yet again this week after a visitor got a little wonky on Michael Lane in Lafayette, plowed into a Mini-Cooper and turtled her Lexus.

Neighbors were baffled how such a thing could happen on a street posted – boldly – for 15 mph and with other signage going so far to warn motorists of sight limitations ahead.

But then… boom. So far, no one has resorted to deploying this German contraption for slowing speeders on quiet country lanes:

Resident Betsy Ringrose, who has a name tailor-made for writing popular juvenile fiction and whose Mini was injured in the making of this picture, wrote:

“Here’s a better shot I took of the scene & my smashed Mini that has all the slow speed signage. Hopefully you can see the giant yellow sign the City put on our property, with our full endorsement & permission, to aid with getting people to slow down as they head North towards the hill…”

Speedy suburban streets is a pretty common complaint around these parts. If you know of a fix, clue us in!


  1. I would propose yearly refresher tests for new drivers, old drivers and drivers found responsible of an accident over the previous year.

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