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Lafayette Cat-Napping Gets Animal Lovers’ Backs Up – Kittens Returned Tuesday

Round up the usual suspects...

Two kittens catnapped by two teenage girls during an adoption event at the Lafayette Pet Food Express were returned after the teens – one of whom slipped and fell in her haste to get away with her furry prize – stopped to consider the possibility that the theft was captured on surveillance video.

The two girls, apparently making an effort to disguise their identities, brokered the return of the 11-week-old purr machines Tuesday morning after someone called the Pet Food Express to say they were coming back. Both of the animals were handed over without further incident and are safe – if confused.

The incident, while not on the scale, say, of the Lindbergh Kidnapping, captured the attention of animal fanciers and suburban detectives who worked hard to come up with a motive – and to find the culprits – over the long weekend.

Witnesses said the two girls – who they put at between 16 and 18 years of age – grabbed the kittens, ran to the back of the store and to their car – a Silver, late-model Volvo (go figure.)

One of the girls slipped and fell outside Panda Express on Mt. Diablo Blvd but managed to hold onto her prize. They drove away but a howl of social media dismay and cries for justice and the kittens’ return began almost immediately.

That, and perhaps the realization that cameras may have captured the the incident, led to the prisoner exchange Tuesday morning, which we were told was quick.

Anyone wishing to take a kitten in need only contact Community Concern For Cats – apparently there are easier ways to take one home.


  1. What was the adoption fee fer goodness sakes? Probably had enough money in the Volvo’s change holder to pay it…..

  2. As an animal lover, I believe kids and adults who “cat and dog nap” lack the adoption fee. Their heart is in the right place, but they’re not thinking clearly. Kittens are adorable…

  3. Baby formula. Tide detergent. Kittens. All part of the underground drug trade…. I’m joking I’m joking!! Some of these headlines are starting to stretch belief!!!

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