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Orindan Attempts Kaiwi Channel Swim; Attracts Curious Niuhi (Tiger Shark)


Orindan Ranie Pearce was attempting to swim the Kaiwi Channel from Molokai to Oahu, Hawaii last week – a daunting distance a skosh over 28 choppy open ocean miles – when a Niuhi (Tiger Shark) took an interest in her progress and came just a little too close for comfort.

Ranie’s chase boat says there were actually two sharks in the water with the swimmer, but that they could only get one on camera at a time.

Ranie is fine. Shark probably just wanted a little company. It gets lonely in the open ocean.

Our best to Ranie and hopefully she’ll be able to make her swim in the future.

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  1. Hopefully the chase boat wasnt playing the theme from Jaws!!! Something more inspirational like Rocky!!

  2. What an amazing undertaking! I hear that music when I take a shower so I don’t think I’ll be attempting any ocean swims in my future. And I think they’re going to need a bigger boat!!!!

  3. No thank you. Kudos to Ms. Pearce but if I ever find myself swimming in the open ocean like that there better be a cruise ship sinking underneath me. Wow.

  4. No disrespect but she appears to pick up the pace a little swimming for the boat!!! I’d be setting a world record if not walking on water. How big was it??

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