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Lafayette Police Seek Citizen Help In Pinpointing Movements Of Suspected Carjackers Thursday

Graphic: LPD

Police in Lafayette are asking residents to review their home surveillance systems for any glimpse of two Oakland youths suspected of a downtown crime spree and attempted carjacking in town Thursday morning.

The pair’s exploits, detailed in an account of their arrests on this site Thursday morning, were initially believed to have been part of an area-wide burglary spree the preceding day, according to Lafayette Police Chief Eric Christensen.

It now appears, Christensen said, the pair were responsible for two carjackings in Oakland, threatening passersby outside the Lafayette Safeway store early Thursday morning, crashing their stolen cars – a dark sedan and blue Prius – in two locations in Lafayette and attempting to carjack a third car from a woman on Mt. Diablo Blvd.

That attempt was foiled, police said, when the would-be victim hit her car horn as the two juvenile thieves surrounded her car – pulling on the door handles to both the passenger and driver’s side doors – and pulled forward, forcing them off.

Police, still in the area looking for at least one suspect from the previous day, quickly surprised the pair once informed of the attempted carjacking. They said one youth (both unidentified due to their age) was captured quickly while the second fell two stories to the lower parking lot of the Lafayette library – taken into custody a short time later.

Police are looking for anyone who may have been in the parking lot of the Safeway and witnessed the incident in the parking lot that morning. Police have determined that the two vehicles used by the youths entered the Silver Springs Neighborhood at 2:30 a.m. from the Moraga side of Moraga Road. Investigators are looking for neighbors who may have captured the vehicles on their security camera systems as well as any driver who may have been accosted by the suspects at the intersection of Mt Diablo Boulevard and First Street on Thursday Morning.

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  1. We need to really start locking these people up. They’re creating Terror for all the good citizens of society. This constant letting them out of jail is not solving the problem….it is just enbolding them!
    I KNOW, when they finally catch them you will hear that they are out on probation or currently have warrants for their arrest where they were laid off before. Are we really that stupid now?

  2. Always, always drive with your doors locked! Sounds like this lady was and that probably made the difference between her being able to drive away and her being a carjacking victim.

    • The driver in this case responded very well – honking her horn to draw attention and perhaps confuse her attackers, then driving forward to throw them off. And the police were right there…

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