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Orinda Water Main Break Stops Traffic Dead Friday; Sends Tempers Soaring

Photo: Amanda Johnson Ferguson

The latest in an unfortunate series of water main breaks to shake Lamorinda buckled asphalt on Moraga Way at Glorietta Blvd. Friday afternoon, bringing traffic to a standstill and ruining the moods of any Lamorinda unfortunate enough to have been caught in the resultant jam.

Strategically, Friday’s leak could not have been better located – if you like calamity – as Orinda PD diverted traffic onto Orchard road in an attempt to get people around the buckling section of asphalt. Several people seemed to take the closure personally, as angry conversations about failing infrastructure and waiting school kids rippled from Orinda into Moraga.

Orinda Public Works and EBMUD worked quickly to stem the burbling torrent but the damage was done, with locals reporting hour-long waits to get through the area and on to their appointments.

A second break was reported a short time after the first at Moraga Way and Brookside. Police advised motorists to reduce their speed and to exercise caution when driving through the area.

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  1. We live nearby, and traffic wasn’t as terrible as peoples’ tempers. Both directions of traffic are flowing smoothly as of when I passed through at 1:10p – with not a single car backed up.

  2. Appears there’s another one just a short distance away, at Moraga Way & Brookside. One was recently repaired on our street, and you could see two other repairs within 4 feet of the new one. Get used to it, everyone.

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