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The Crime Files – Moraga


Nicotine Frenzy

Officers were dispatched to the Moraga 7-Eleven store June 14 after a clerk there called to report a person of questionable age who entered and demanded tobacco products – which the clerk refused to give without appropriate identification (nice work). At this point the nicotine fiend reportedly tried to take said products by force, inflicting injury upon the store manager in the process, before fleeing the store and driving away. Case under investigation.

Does Your Contractor Have A Brand New Skil Saw?

June 14 appears to have been a day for decline and dash thievery as employees at the Moraga Orchard Supply Hardware store called to report a man who approached a register attempting to purchase $400 worth of tools until his credit card was declined. Cashiers said the man left the store but came back a short time later, grabbed the tools the employees had set aside until he could resolve payment, and successfully trundled the loot to his truck – and driving off with paying. This case is also under investigation.

Hot Date

Officers were again called on to do what they do on June 19 after witnesses called in to report a young woman “acting strangely” at Country Club Drive and Southard Court in town. Police contacted this person, who police said was just visiting, and determined that she had an outstanding no bail warrant for failing to comply with a court order stemming from an arson charge. This individual was transported to the Main Detention Facility in Martinez and booked on the warrant.

Do The CCRs Cover Eggings?

Residence in the 100 block of Miramonte Drive was pelted with about four dozen eggs on June 20, which spattered furniture and a carport, and the homeowner wanted to document the occurrence for her homeowner’s association.

Highly Mobile Technology

A Paseo Bernal resident reported that an unattended laptop (left alone for about six minutes on a table in her backyard) was taken on June 20 at about 3:10 p.m. She put the loss at about $1,200 and told officers the device could be seen from a nearby street.

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