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The 24/680 Greets Summer – Dance Nights Return To Rheem; Locals Prepare For The Fourth


Heckuva weekend there with a perfect storm of sporting and television entertainment combining to give residents of the 24/680 plenty to do.

Our readers decamped for all sorts of recreational hotspots and locales, some of them watching the Warriors fall to Cleveland with others phoning in reports of good times and good food from the coast or majestic mountains.

You can tell we’re on track for summer as moods brighten, there’s a run on beer and tanning lotion, and tweets from readers include shots of their pools and rum drinks with those little paper umbrellas stuck in them. Thanks for sending those, really.

For many, enjoying the best of what our area has to offer has meant increased traffic, lines, and minor aggravations but – so far – no major calamities. A few sharp-eyed readers noted the return of dance nights to the Rheem Theatre, a notion that has been tried before but which ended poorly amidst some kvetching from parents, teens and neighbors.

Billed as the “Endless Summer Dance Party” the party returns to the Rheem with DJs, lights, lasers, and “Vegas-style” fog machines (as if our own summer fog were not enough). The parties will be open to students with appropriate ID and even boast a $25-per-head VIP ticket with private entry (you must provide your own limo) and unlimited rations of water and soda and stuff over the course of the evening.

So, if you’re a teen looking for something to do on Thursday nights, you’re set – and you don’t have to tag along with ma and pa and baby sister for the outdoor summer concerts. (So uncool… VIP rooms Rock!).

And we have an arms race of sorts going on as locals stock up for the Fourth of July, testing out some of their pyro as we near the historic day. All that powder going off (residents are reporting hearing blasts from displays as far away as the Oakland Coliseum) keeps pets and cops on edge so if you must ignite – at least wave Old Glory while you’re doing it.

That’s it for now. Keep in touch and keep sending in those summer vacation pictures… we’ll think of you while we slave away in the NEWS24/680 newsroom.


  1. Teen dances? Worrisome. I’m with Allan Sherman on this one. His hit Crazy Downtown was so accurate. It’s all been downhill ever since.

    “there’ll be no more fruging, no swing, no jerk, no mashed potato, no flop! and you know what else? you’re gonna stay home tonight, and your mother and i are going downtown and we’re going to dance the tango, and the waltz, and the foxtrot, and we’re gonna do the bunny hop. that’s a nice dance! and there’ll be no more fruging! is that quite clear? no more fruging!”

    P.S. I played this once for my child and he was horrified to learn that families, at one time, routinely only had one car, one TV, one telephone, and one bathroom.

    Oh, the horror!

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