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Lafayette Lowers Its Flags After Orlando

Photo: Steve Falk

Local flags are flying lower in Lafayette these days in a gesture of support and remembrance after the weekend murder spree in Orlando.

This picture was taken at Lafayette Plaza.


  1. They say things come in threes. A young singer killed by a crazy man. 50 people killed by a terrorist. A baby snatched from its parents by an alligator. I hope the people of Orlando have no more tragedies to endure.

  2. Lately I feel as if we’re in a state of constant mourning. And I’ll just say that network news coverage of the aftermath of the Orlando shooting was horrible just plain horrible. Scott Pelley(sp?) of CBS eclipsed Wolfman Blitzer as Head Tearjerker. His leading questioning of victims made me ill.

  3. Tired of vigils. But I also think it is going to get worse before it gets better. Now I’m going for a walk — and I intend to smile at people. It’s my way of fighting back.

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