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Orinda Foster Mom Seeks Right Person To Restore A Dog’s Faith In Humanity


We’re not going to tug at your heartstrings or “Sally Struthers” you into donating anything but we are looking to hook up a NEWS24/680 reader currently caring for a special dog with someone capable of caring for an animal clearly victimized by a shamefully unqualified example of humankind.

“Jagger” is a gentle, disabled 5-year-old Pointer mix who had the bad luck of entering this world as a puppy and immediately falling into the hands of a sadist. His abuser is currently in prison on a variety of charges and Jagger has made it out of his native North Carolina to Orinda, and a blissful, temporary home with a caring family.

Abused his entire life, Jagger is deaf, blind, has all four legs but is missing one paw, and he suffers from periodic seizures – the apparent result of a blow from a shovel.

His life was changed by rescuers in North Carolina and now one here in Orinda: reader Sharon McGinnis Girdlestone.

“Jagger is extremely gentle, sleeps most of the day and desperately needs a home on flat land that has easy access for the bathroom,” Girdlestone writes. “(He) loves everyone but can’t see you. He doesn’t have a mean bone in his body. He loves snuggles.
The right type of family would probably be low energy, home quite a bit and super conscious of his disabilities. Also, as he can’t see, he tends to seek out food by smell which could result in (his) trying to innocently eat your hand if food is in it…”

Life has been tough on this dog, but Girdlestone remains hopeful.

“I know you are out there,” she said. “If this sounds like the job for you, please message me.”

There it is…


  1. If I had a ranch and if my other dogs would be ok with it he’d be on my ranch right now. Some people just confuse the shit out of me….. how can someone do that to an animal?

  2. I can think of a few people in this world who would benefit from a good shovel beating. Hope he lands with some good humans and thanks to the reader taking care of him now. Boggles the mind how people can do this.

    • Hey, Paula, anyone seriously interested need only write us via our Tip Line on the site to protect their privacy or they can post in the open here if they wish. We’ll forward all interested parties on to the current foster parent unless she comes out in the open here herself. We just don’t “out” readers unless they wish to go public. Thanks for your interest!

  3. In jail for cruelty to animals or others? Anyone capable of doing harm to an innocent dog is capable of hurting people too. Makes me sick to think about. Hope he stays in jail for a long time.

  4. It’s probably not true but I take mild pleasure in believing that this guy is getting serially abused himself while in prison.

  5. Does he need anything? Blankets or toys? We can’t take him but we’d like to help out if they need it.

  6. Sad and joyous both at the same time. Makes you wonder about our future with sociopaths out there who would do something like this – and then there’s the person trying to make it right. Yes if they need anything let us know.

  7. As an animal lover, this breaks my heart. My only concern is for Jagger. I hope he’s adopted by a very loving family. God bless Ms. Girdlestone for caring.

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