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Crime Log – Moraga (Parking Lot Justice, No More “Feelings,” And The Wine-Pimping Pimpernel)


There’s just no crime – like Moraga crime. Blotter entries from last week:

“We Seek Him Here, We Seek Him There… “

It’s no secret local stores have been getting hit hard by shoplifters in the 24/680 lately. Some appear to be “working the circuit,” striking swiftly and stealing everything from baby formula to detergent to… fine wine. One such theft occurred May 27 at 1:59 p.m. at the Moraga Safeway, with a thief described as a white male in his 20s wearing a black coat and backpack entered the store, plucked seven bottles of wine worth either $90 apiece or in total, it wasn’t clear, placed them in the backpack and bolted from the store. The Wine Pimpernel was also wearing a black baseball cap with “Cali” on the front.

Party On Larch

The next day, May 28, Moraga officers were dispatched to what was reported as a loud party in the 1000 block of Larch Avenue at 10:43 p.m. and arrived to find the festive sounds of celebration and 25 people making what was judged to be an excessive amount of noise in the backyard of the residence. Warning issued.

Hey, Buddy, No More ‘Feelings’…”

Complaints about amplified music continue through the 24/680 as celebrations with sound systems continue to draw fire from unamused neighbors. The most recent example occurred May 29, during a wedding reception held at the Hacienda on Donald Drive. Apparently folks in the area felt the music was a little too late and a little too loud and called it in, with officers arriving to find a DJ laying down the groove for the wedding party. The officers asked if there was a way to restore peace and, to his credit because we are sure he had other things on his mind, the groom asked the DJ to tone it down and order was restored. Congratulations to the Happy Couple, by the way.

Yay! Cypress Point Way Resident Beats A Scammer!

We’re taking this one as a small victory in the ongoing war against people – usually from far away – trying to separate 24/680 residents from their hard-earned money. This has been going on for quite a while and, frankly, these guys are winning. But not so much when they reached out and tried to touch a Moraga resident on May 31, sending an official-looking cashier’s check for $2,970, telling the victim to deposit it and send a portion of the amount back to a certain address to handle shipping fees for some furniture the would-be victim had purchased. Those of you screaming “Scam, Scam!” right now are correct, of course. The credit union though which the check was drawn advised that it was bogus, a contact phone number was traced to the Bronx in New York, the “check” was sent from the Atlanta area and had the would-be victim followed through on instructions they would have been out the money spent on “shipping” and left holding worthless paper. A NEWS24/680 Thumbs Up to the local who recognized this con for what it was.

Pilferer’s Justice?

We don’t know, at this point, if this is the aforementioned Wine Pimping Pimpernel or if this person had contact with him but Moraga police are investigating a strange case handed to them on May 30. They were sent to the Moraga Safeway to take a report on a vehicle versus pedestrian accident in the store parking lot when, shazam, they allegedly found several bottles of wine in the victim’s possession which he allegedly admitted he had just taken from the store. Police arrested Loc Van Le, 50, from San Francisco. He allegedly told the officers that he heard from others that there is expensive wine to be had in Moraga.

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  1. It’s clear these asshats are communicating — probably in jail. It’s troubling that they are pointing to our home towns as a place to rip off.

  2. Its getting so you can’t even disturb the peace at a wedding. What is the world coming to????

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