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Easing Back Into The Work Week – Two-Alarm Fire in Martinez; Crash In Orinda; Sports Fans Happy

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Beautiful weather over the Memorial Day Weekend with people quiet and respectful for the most part, a few celebrants running afoul of the law late in break and the News Gods saying “Stay Frosty, pal, don’t get complacent” as a two-alarm blaze damages an apartment building in Martinez.

Contra Costa County Fire Protection District personnel rolled out of their sacks and were on the job early Tuesday morning as fire broke out at an apartment complex at 1205 Arnold Drive in Martinez, escalating to two-alarms shortly after it was called in at 4:54 a.m.

Eight of the building’s 12 apartments were either completely engulfed in flames or damaged in the blaze. A district spokesman reported $500,000 in property damage with 14 residents displaced, 2 units declared a complete loss, 7 units with heavy damage, and 1 minor injury – smoke inhalation suffered by a resident.

The cause of the pre-dawn blaze remains under investigation.

Orinda “Flash” subscribers got a late night message from us after a bloodied man was seen running from the wreckage of a car on the Camino Pablo onramp to Highway 24 minutes after midnight Monday.

California Highway Patrol officers were joined by Orinda and BART police in a brief search for the driver, who was eventually located hiding in some brush underneath the freeway and detained. It was almost as strange an occurrence as the previous night on Miner Road in Orinda, when a motorist reported coming across a car idling in the middle of the roadway, its celebrating driver with his leg caught in the car door and unable to navigate.

All in all it was a good, long weekend, with local sports teams finding glory and success in their respective venues, kids ferrying beers from the fridge or ice chest to TV-bound dads and barbecues glowing throughout the 24/680.

Some, hopefully, paused long enough to remember our dead from wars ongoing or distant – and maybe tipped their drinks in tribute.

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