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Moraga PD Investigating Two Residential Burglaries Monday

Photo: LPD/File

No stranger to the ills of surrounding cities but usually blissfully cut off from the types of crime seen by cities and towns adjacent to freeway escape routes, Moraga was visited twice by burglars this past week and the police are advising residents to take precautions.

On Monday, a Kazar Ct. resident reported that someone had entered their home and stolen money, Moraga police determining that entry appeared to have been made through an unlocked rear bedroom window.

The resident reported leaving the home for a short time early that morning and police say the thief or thieves entered the residence at that time, taking about $100 in cash.

Later in the day, police said someone entered a Wickham Drive home through an unlocked window, ransacked the home and left with an undetermined amount of property.

Acting Police Chief Jon King again advised residents to “report suspicious persons in your neighborhoods. Most of us can see the difference between someone visiting your neighbor and someone who is randomly assessing homes and checking to see if someone is home.  We want to receive the suspicious person calls and will respond to the area and contact the individuals.”

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  1. It appears these pricks steal a car and drive around into a new area looking for a quiet street — going to the door and ringing the doorbell. If you answer they feed you a story and leave. If you don’t they go around back and tag your it. I’d sure like to see the neighbors catch one of these guys and dish out a little payback before the police come. It’s only fair.

  2. Yes, a proposition 47 result.
    It is basically turning criminals loose the same day they are arrested if their theft is under $950. They of course go back out the next day and do more. Before they used to go to jail and also get drug treatment programs ( which are often the root of the problem )..but not now. It seems the governor and our California politicians are more worried about the criminals comfort in crowded jails, than they are worried about all of the rest of us. I just wrote my state representatives today about this. I’m really getting tired displaced compassion towards criminals…..I think we the public deserves some!

  3. You are absolutely correct Greg. They know nothing will happen to them so they have no fear.
    Thank Jerry Brown and his ilk for this. Car break-in’s in SF are at record numbers. All since this horrible law was passed.

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